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Discover audience, competitor and industry trends in unprecedented ways. With all your data in one place, Rhizalytics puts you in the driver’s seat. Deliver powerful intelligence in less time and at scale.

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Create stunning sales presentations that give your sales team a dynamic edge. Use Big Data to paint the picture of your target’s competitive landscape - without waiting for analysis and reports.

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Rhiza for Marketing

You know who you want to reach, but you still have questions about them. Rhiza gives you insights to understand your customers in unprecedented ways. Simple, elegant tools deliver powerful intelligence that become the driving force behind any successful marketing campaign.

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    You just have to be the one who brings it up: Diversity.

    OpenUp.FixIt. Is a series of public talk events aimed at uniting leaders from different areas of influence to engage in the conversation around diversity and inclusion in Pittsburgh’s community and it’s tech industry. The second edition took place Friday, June 24th at the Beauty Shoppe with Rick Cancelliere, CEO of Treatspace, Laura Dickey, Program Manager at Google and advocate for…

  • rhizabot

    Announcing Rhizabot, the Virtual Assistant for Business Analytics

    I’ve got a tech crush on Siri, Cortana and Alexa. I love them not for what they can do now, but what they’ll be able to do for me soon. Let’s be honest, none of them can hold a candle to Rosie from the Jetsons. While virtual assistant technologies are becoming pervasive in our personal lives, they still can only help us set…

  • 05.17.16

    Rhiza on CBS: Working on Ways to Eliminate the Web Browser To Access Big Data

    As Pittsburgh’s media hub for tech and entrepreneurship, The Raja Show interviewed Josh Knauer after his company, Rhiza won the Carnegie Science Award for Corporate Innovation. Josh and Raja talked about the importance of making big data available to non-traditional data clients, like marketers and sales people, who are dependent on data to drive their business to success. One of…

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