Rhiza Tech50 2014 Innovator of the Year

Don’t get dashboards, get answers.

Dashboards show you what’s already happened. Rhiza shows you what’s possible. Our marketing analytics tools are so easy, you’ll make smarter decisions that will increase revenue faster than ever.

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Make data actionable.

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Our platform is easy to use, but gives you powerful answers. With Rhiza, anyone can create a polished marketing presentation in minutes, exported straight to PowerPoint, your iPad, or the web.

  • Make better decisions.

    Connect the dots among all your enterprise and syndicated data but get only the insights you need to drive better decisions.

  • Reach more customers.

    Rhiza helps you see the patterns of your current customers so you can find more like them across all digital and traditional media platforms.

  • Close more deals.

    Our customers sell more because they can quickly create data-driven, easy to understand presentations customized to each individual prospect.

  • Spend less money.

    Get the best value for your big data buck. Everyone in your firm can use Rhiza. And since we’re entirely web-based, it’s one less hassle for your IT department.

Software Features

All of your data in one place

Centralize all of the marketing-related data from inside or outside your enterprise into one web-based platform. All of your market surveys, CRM data, commercial data (from companies like Experian, IHS Polk, Nielsen, and many others), and more, are all available in one place.

Intuitive and easy to use

Not everyone is a database expert. Rhiza is designed for those of us who just need business answers from Big Data. No SQL queries, APIs, or software engineers needed. Everyone in your enterprise who needs answers from Big Data can use it.

Create understandable presentations

Create simple, targeted infographics that reflect the data story you need to communicate. We’ve included all of the visualization tools you need, from gorgeous maps to scatterplots.

Collaborate within your enterprise

Share data, infographics, templated reports and presentations with your colleagues, or keep them private in your own digital workspace. Best practices quickly rise to the top throughout the enterprise.

Powerful under the hood

After years of working with some of the largest media companies and brands in the world, we’ve learned to optimize our platform to quickly generate the presentations our customers need. It’s fast, stable, and well-supported.

It’s all in the cloud, no IT hassle

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can access Rhiza from your computer, tablet or any other web-connected device. If you have any questions, our in-house client services team is here to help.

Our Customers

Rhiza works with some of the largest media companies and brands in the world. Here are just a few.

Companies we work with include Comcast, Cox Media, CoxReps, and Univision Media.

About Rhiza

Rhiza is an emerging leader in the field of marketing analytics, offering online tools that make Big Data actionable for marketers and salespeople. Rhiza’s tools increase revenue for both media companies and advertisers by delivering detailed recommendations based on integrated consumer insights. Media publishers use Rhiza to arm their salespeople with better tools for selling premium advertising. Marketers use Rhiza to optimize hyper-targeted media buys, track campaign effectiveness and quickly create new marketing plans. Rhiza is used by a rapidly growing list of major customers, including Comcast, Univision, Cox Media, Cox Reps and Experian.

Our headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA and our West Coast Office is located in Seattle, WA.

We have deeply held beliefs that are core to our mission:

  • Tools for visualizing, analyzing, and sharing data should be simple and elegant.
  • People will make smarter decisions for a more sustainable future when they have access to and can understand data.
  • Customers should be treated as if they are shareholders.
  • When you bring the smartest people in their fields together, amazing things can happen.
  • Business can be conducted in a way that is positive for people, the planet, and profits.

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