Rhiza Labs Launches Insight at Where 2.0

Rhiza Labs Launches Community Insight at Where 2.0, Bringing Online Collaborative GIS Tools to the Public Sector

BURLINGAME, CALIF. and PITTSBURGH, PA. — Rhiza Labs launches Community Insight, a web-based platform for mapping and analyzing multiple datasets that are shared by users with a common interest. Rated as one of the best of the dozen apps previewed on May 12th at Where 2.0, CNET’s Rafe Needleman called it “a very useful tool for any organization trying to make sense of its map-based data.”

Community Insight users range from organizations creating websites for the conservation science field to policymakers using Community Insight to better understand where social service needs and resources intersect.

All Community Insight websites can share data across organizational boundaries if they choose, helping create an “Information Commons” of community data that grows every time new data is added to any Community Insight website.

“Our online tools make it easy for people to quickly create rich maps and charts they can share with others through RSS, Google Earth, blogs and more”, comments Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza Labs.

Community Insight was designed after extensive interviews with scientists, advocates, policymakers and planners to understand how online GIS tools could help them collaborate more effectively across disciplines. As a result, Community Insight was architected to address issues of trust, data provenance and accuracy and usability, key factors that ensure high levels of participation in a collaborative data-sharing initiatives.

For more information contact Josh Knauer, CEO Rhiza Labs by phone (412) 488-0600 or email knauer at rhizalabs dot com.