Rhiza Presentation at the URISA National Conference: The Future of Participatory GIS

Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza Labs, was invited as a featured speaker at the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) 2008 Annual Conference in New Orleans. The topic of the day at the conference was “Creating Collaborative Communities of Practice: Assessing the Impacts of Public Participation Work” and Josh presented Rhiza’s work with the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) using Insight to bridge the divide among scientists, policy makers and citizens. The talk was well received and led to a lot of follow up inquiries from those in attendance.

URISA is a nonprofit association of professionals using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other information technologies to solve challenges in state / provincial and local government agencies and departments. URISA is considered to be the premier organization for the use and integration of spatial information technology to improve the quality of life in urban and regional enviroments.