Cool Tools: User-filtered biz news, tourism aggregation, brief map links, and geodata parties

Some more cool tools:

  • BusinessWeek has launched Business Exchange, a user-filtered news aggregator separated into professional interest topics. (My personal favorite – the urban planning feed.)
  • NYCGo has collected myriad New York City travel brochures into one interactive map so popular that heavy traffic crashed the site soon after it went live. [via New York Times City Room]
  • “Some map makers have found a way to draw people to their detail-oriented field: have a party. It involves replacing beer — at least for part of a day — with a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit to build on OpenStreetMap, a project that uses volunteers to map the world.” [via PCWorld]
  • creates short, human-readable URLs for several mapping sites. [via LifeHacker]