Going to Transparency Camp in DC this weekend„ Look Rhiza up

This weekend, the Rhiza team will be joining “a trans-partisan tribe of open government advocates from all walks” at Transparency Camp, an un-conference at George Washington University for sharing “knowledge on how to use new technologies to make our government transparent and meaningfully accessible to the public.”

We’re hoping to raise awareness of how sharing public data in the Information Commons promotes a positive feedback loop between government transparency, accountability, efficiency, and permanence. We’re also hoping to learn more about other folks’ efforts to promote government transparency with new technology.

Can’t make it yourself? Check Josh and Andrew out on Twitter for live updates over the weekend, and read more about Rhiza’s open government solutions.

Planning to attend, or just planning to be in DC this weekend„ We’d love to meet you. Send an e-mail to info@rhiza.imagebox.com before Friday; during the conference, get in touch with us via Josh’s Twitter. We can’t wait to hear your story.