Introducing Folio websites from Rhiza Labs

Organize your program data on the web and broadcast your impact.

Folio websites. New tools for transparency and impact.

In these challenging times, donors, investors and volunteers are demanding higher levels of accountability from the organizations they support. Working closely with major foundations, Rhiza Labs has designed the ultimate impact and transparency tool that will transform your organization’s existing website into a powerful showcase where impact is both substantiated and transparent.

Folio websites seamlessly integrate with your existing website.

With Folio you can:

  • Organize your program data into a searchable online system
  • Make your documents, photos, legal agreements, and maps always available
  • Create maps, timelines, presentations, brochures and reports
  • Protect sensitive data from unauthorized users with secure access tools
  • Support your organization’s broader community by making project data available for download into other analysis systems.