Deep Web Diving – Rhiza Takes You There

Communicating the impact of your organization to clients, constituents and funders„ Posting information on the Internet is only the first step. Telling a compelling story requires thoughtful analysis that makes the hidden connections within your information apparent and highlights your successes. Conventional technology cannot do this for your stakeholders; Rhiza Labs can.

The yet-to-be mined treasure trove of unmade connections between data is called the Deep Web. Making the hidden connections between your data apparent — accessing the Deep Web — is essential. It promotes transparency and participation in decision making and goes a long way toward securing and maintaining the support of funders and other stakeholders. Making these connections can also be labor-intensive. With money tight and demands high, organizations have even more reason to turn to technology to simplify the analysis of information. By doing so, they make critical analysis easier to accomplish with fewer person-hours.

Yet technology is not always up to the task. As the New York Times notes:With millions of databases connected to the Web, and endless possible permutations of search terms, there is simply no way for any search engine — no matter how powerful — to sift through every possible combination of data on the fly.”

Conventional search engines attempt to take users to the Deep Web from the data demand side. These third parties try to make the connections between other people’s information stored across many databases. The infinite complexity and availability of data on the Web makes it difficult — if not impossible — and this method puts a burden on your stakeholders: they must take the initiative to look for these connections themselves.

Rhiza products take your clients to the Deep Web from the data supply side, giving organizations the means to provide their stakeholders with tools that make readily apparent the unseen connections between information — and require little stakeholder effort. They do this through the Information Commons, a massive peer-to-peer network developed by our parent company, MAYA. The Information Commons enables individuals, non-profits and government agencies to pool their data into one integrated database distributed across many different computing devices. Sharing data in the Commons is seamless between individuals and organizations, offering easy, flexible data integration and reuse.

Rhiza’s products access the Information Commons to harness the Deep Web for your stakeholders. Rhiza Insight allows you to visualize your data for yourself and others in the Commons, enabling you to easily combine, share, and analyze data, and then to share your discoveries with wider constituencies. Rhiza Community Catalog helps you describe, track, analyze and promote community resources documented in the Commons; to identify unmet needs and reduce duplicated efforts. Rhiza Folio simplifies the way you manage your project information in the Commons, share your successes and promote a deeper understanding of your work.

Beyond providing tools for analysis, Rhiza products help organizations communicate the hidden connections between data by providing very rich RSS feeds. Rhiza products use MediaRSS and GeoRSS to embed not just simple titles and descriptive text and links, but the content itself: through images and geospatial data. Rhiza products publish RSS feeds, not just of simple collections, but also of search results. So, you can construct a powerful search, create an RSS feed of it, and then use a standard blog reader to keep track of what you’re interested in.

To restate: illustrating your organization’s impact, requies making the hidden connections between your data apparent. Conventional Internet tools are too resource-intensive and insufficiently intuitive to lead to an adequate solution. Rhiza tools enable you to make more connections with less effort, and truly communicate the value of your organization’s work to your stakeholders. Learn more about how Rhiza’s tools can help you access the Deep Web.