In Milwaukee This Weekend

From March 12-14 residents of “cities from Buffalo to Minneapolis will convene in the Cream City to share stories, best practices, and highest aspirations about living in older industrial cities of the Upper Midwest as part of the Great Lakes Urban Exchange (GLUE)’s Second Annual Conference.” Rhiza will, too.

GLUE connects constructive, entrepreneurial, and solutions-oriented young leaders across the region for real-life networking, learning, and planning. We’ll be there to strengthen connections with technologists and social entrepreneurs throughout the resurgent Rust Belt, and to build awareness of how America’s older, formerly-industrial areas are offering fresh solutions to old problems in ways conducive to making transparent, participatory public decisions: ways that involve unifying and sharing scattered data among government bodies, individuals and agencies.

Aging infrastructure, skyrocketing social need, shifting demographics and declining tax bases are leaving cities and towns struggling to reinvent themselves with thinner dimes than ever. Rhiza’s planning and economic development solutions are working in real communities using our powerful, yet simple mapping, program portfolio management, and community asset tracking tools to do more with less. If you’re in Milwaukee, drop us a line –