German Firm Broadcasts FluTracker Data With Mobile Phone App

A screenshot of FluRadar, powered by Rhiza Labs FluTrackerGerman firm webXells is using FluTracker to power FluRadar, a mobile phone swine flu mapping and detection system. Though FluRadar is still in an early development state, nearly 700 users downloaded the application in the first 24 hours of its release.

Users can download FluRadar to their Google Android-powered phones (and soon, their iPhones) free of charge. Upon being opened, FluRadar automatically determines users’ current location via GPS, and pulls the 20 nearest known cases from FluTracker as a list sorted by distance. If the user taps on a line, the full description of that swine flu case is displayed, and a link to the original data source is given. Additionally, FluRadar’s “Report a Case” function directs users to Rhiza Labs’ page with instructions for reporting a new case of swine flu.

Using FluTracker, your organization can view its data alongside the latest cases of H1N1 swine flu to make better decisions about corporate preparedness, continuity, and personnel safety.

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