Prepare, Plan, and Protect Your Assets with FluTracker

The evolution of the swine flu epidemic in the southern hemisphere, where flu season is just beginning, has far-reaching implications — both on global business now, and on planning for the northern hemisphere’s flu season this fall.

To monitor the spread of swine flu, FluTracker data can be downloaded instantly for noncommercial use. Want to use FluTracker to support your corporate preparedness, continuity, and personnel safety planning„ Join the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense and major telecommunications and media news outlets in using FluTracker to support corporate preparedness.

Prepare, plan, and protect your assets with FluTracker:

  • Need the information, and tools to analyze it„ Rhiza’s most powerful offering, Insight for Early Detection is a robust suite of web-based mapping, charting and analysis tools. Map the locations of corporate assets in relation to swine flu outbreaks, aggregate results by county, town, or ZIP, and illustrate as a map, list, or animation.
  • Want your own custom FluTracker„ An intermediate offering, custom FluTracker sites provide easy-to-use online portals similar to the FluTracker page. Visualize the FluTracker data alongside your organization’s information, and identify corporate facilities and trading partners located in areas with concentrated cases of swine flu.
  • Just want the data„ Rhiza provides live data feeds in KML (Google Earth), CSV and RSS with more complete information than is provided for noncommercial use, with ZIP-code level data where available. Track the spread of swine flu in your system of choice, and visualize nearly any information alongside the latest outbreaks.

Call Rhiza Labs CEO Josh Knauer at 412-488-0600 to protect your corporate assets with FluTracker.