Designing for a Trillion: Rhiza’s Parent MAYA Featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The sci-fi thriller “Minority Report” envisioned a world in which virtually any surface could convey information. Mickey McManus, president and CEO of MAYA Design, says “the trillion-node network” that would make such a world possible will be upon us within five years. […]

The problem, Mr. McManus says, is that we aren’t equipped for the complexity generated by all of the “smart stuff” that we are creating: VCRs that never stopped blinking “12:00” were just a harbinger of an even larger gulf developing between what our technology can do and how well we can use it. […]

“Humans haven’t designed anything for a trillion before,” he said. No version of Windows, no distribution of Linux, can scale to that level. The only thing we have that can is peer-to-peer networking.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/13/2009

Rhiza was born from MAYA’s vision of eliminating disparate silos of data to unite the facts and figures of the world into a resource available to everyone. We call this technology the Information Commons, and it’s how all three of our platforms revolutionize the way governments, nonprofits, and businesses manage their data.