Watch Swine Flu Spread Throughout the U.S. With FluTracker

This movie shows the spread of swine flu county by county throughout the U.S., from April 29 to June 4, 2009. Each county is shaded to reflect the total number of confirmed flu cases up until that day. Purple signifies between 1 and 5 cases; green between 6 and 15, yellow between 16 and 40, and red above 40.

These maps were created using FluTracker, the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for tracking swine flu worldwide. FluTracker, powered by Rhiza Insight, has been acknowledged as tracking cases 5 days ahead of the CDC.

Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits are all using FluTracker to support their organizational preparedness. Learn more about using FluTracker to help your organization plan for continuity and protect its assets.