WHO Officially Declares Swine Flu Pandemic

BREAKING NEWS — Sudden spikes of swine flu have led the World Health Organization to declare swine flu a pandemic, which is marked by sustained, widespread transmission across the world. Health leaders announced in the Times of London: “We need to avoid complacency in dealing with a virus that is an unknown and seems to be spreading quickly.” (Watch a video of swine flu’s spread)

Tools to help your organization respond

Picture 3In response to this emerging challenge, Rhiza Labs created FluTracker to get more flu information to more people more quickly. FluTracker has been acknowledged as tracking the spread of swine flu 5-10 days faster than the CDC. While FluTracker remains free for personal use, Fortune 100 companies, public agencies, and major hospitals have engaged Rhiza to tailor FluTracker to their needs. For example, AT&T purchases FluTracker data to track flu outbreaks in relation to their employees around the world. Whether you need the information and tools to analyze it, or you want the information for analysis in your own system, FluTracker fits your needs.

Prepare, plan, and protect your assets with FluTracker

Decisions about preparedness, and continuity hinge on complete information. In a tight market, use FluTracker to support critical decisions with the most up-to-date information about the swine flu pandemic.