FluTracker Powers Public Engagement Project

Who said playing video games never amounts to anything Coral Cross, a new game from the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies (HRCFS), is using FluTracker data to spread pandemic preparedness information faster than the flu itself can spread.

Commissioned by the Hawaii Department of Health in 2008 and funded by the US federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Coral Cross was originally intended to simulate the effects of a near-future global influenza outbreak in Hawaii and to collect critical public feedback. However, just weeks before the game was scheduled to launch, the actual H1N1 epidemic grew to pandemic proportions, and HRCFS retrofitted Coral Cross to “game” the swine flu crisis. “Serious games” like Coral Cross are an increasingly popular way to engage and inform participants around potential crisis situations.

Coral Cross is an exciting addition to the enormous roster of innovative ways citizens and organizations are using FluTracker. With federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies using FluTracker to support their pandemic preparedness planning, and technology firms delivering delivering FluTracker directly to citizens’ cell phones, FluTracker has proved to be of wide use in a variety of settings.