Swine Flu Spreads, FluTracker Responds | FluTracker Update, Vol. 1

It’s been a busy month for the FluTracker team. We’ve been sharing our work at conferences, spreading the word in major media, helping Fortune 100 and Federal agencies with preparedness planning, and continuing to track an emerging threat.

W.H.O to Stop Tracking Swine Flu
Global Agency Surprises Public Health Experts
“The announcement…perplexed some experts, and even baffled a W.H.O. spokesman…” With official sources no longer even attempting to track swine flu, resources like FluTracker are the best bet for monitoring the spread of the virus. Read more in the New York Times.

New School Year, More Swine Flu
Returning to School and Spreading the Flu

Swine flu is still circulating in the United States despite it not being flu season. For that reason, the CDC expects swine flu to erupt as soon as school opens this fall, rather than at the traditional beginning of flu season. Read more in the New York Times.

Citizen Activism Halts Flu
Using Social Media to Educate and Prevent

San Jose is using Facebook to educate students about flu prevention. Meanwhile, blogger Chris Thorman explores how doctors can exchange insights into the pandemic using Twitter. Want to lend a hand„ Join citizens from around the world and sign the petition for better flu information from our governments.

More Organizations Using FluTracker
As H1N1 spreads, more companies turn to FluTracker to support corporate preparedness and continuity planning. FluTracker helps AT&T to protect its personnel, Walgreen’s to stock flu remedies, and the U.S. Army to identify recruits in danger of infection.