Rhiza Labs and the Surui Carbon Project

The San Francisco Chronicle published a great article highlighting the excellent work that the Surui Tribe, Google and the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) have been doing together for years . The project is being promoted as a model for ecological and cultural preservation around the world. Rhett Butler wrote another informative article published in Washington Monthly magazine that gives a bit more context about the history of the Surui and specifically the potential for their forest to be entered into the global carbon trading market.

Rhiza Labs was recently invited to join this partnership by Google and the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), funded by the Moore Foundation. For this project, our Rhiza Insight platform is being used to aggregate the data collected by the Surui using the open-source Open Data Kit application on Android-powered cell phones. Once the data is collected on the Rhiza Insight-powered website, the Surui are able to create their own maps to share with the world by publishing them to Google Earth.

Rhiza’s Jeff Christensen and ACT’s Vasco van Roosmalen train Chief Almir of the Surui Tribe on how to use Rhiza Insight to publish a map to Google Earth

We will be posting more detailed information about the project soon, but we at Rhiza are really honored to be a part of such an important ecological and cultural preservation effort.