Rhiza Offers Rugged Android Phones & PDAs

Nomad with Android - Home screen

Rhiza is pleased to announce that we now offer rugged Android phones and PDAs that are customized to work with Rhiza Insight for clients who need a flexible, open and dependable platform for mobile data collection. Built to withstand extreme temperatures and the general beating most mobile computers get when they are used in the field, these waterproof and durable devices are packed with functionality.

For example, the Trimble Nomad’s standard options include an 806 MHz XScale processor, 512 MB to 2 GB of Flash storage, a long-life battery and integrated wireless capabilities like GPS, 802.11b/g, and Bluetooth. Upgrades include GSM (GPRS/EDGE) for data, integrated laser bar code scanner and a 2 megapixel, color, digital camera. The Nomad also features a high-resolution, sunlight-visible, touchscreen VGA display that shows graphics and maps in crisp detail.

BIP-6000 with Android - Home screenThe Bluebird BIP-6000 is an Enterprise PDA which comes standard with a large 3.5″ VGA color LCD, PXA 320, 806MHz processor, 128MB RAM / 256MB RAM/512MB ROM, MicroSD slot (up to 32GB cards), integrated GPS, GSM/GPRS, and 3 megapixel autofocus camera with flash.

We’ve partnered with a great team of engineers at SDG Systems to offer the first rugged Android phones in the marketplace. The Bluebird BIP-6000 will be available in October and the Trimble Nomad will be available in January.

Now customers can collect data in the field and quickly see results online using Rhiza Insight. Managers can wirelessly push new data collection forms to remote teams and watch the data populate maps online with Rhiza Insight as the data is being collected.

We’ll get more information about these phones up on our website soon, but until then, give us a call at 412 488-0600 for more information.