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New H1N1 App for the iPhone

H1N1mapitappsiconMapItApps, a leading provider of location-aware applications for mobile phones has recently released a new program to help people locate areas of high H1N1 infection nearby, using the FluTracker data feed.


Watch the Demo on YouTube

Media or User Reported Outbreaks appear in Red Pins
– Fatalities appear in Purple Pins
– Your Contacts appear in Green Pins
– Your “Comfort Zone” is a red elipse

If a user defines a personal “Comfort Zone” they are notified of newly reported outbreaks each time they launch the H1N1 Map.

The application is currently available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the iTunes App Store.

Versions for Android and Windows Mobile are coming soon!

Contact us for more information on how your company can create new products and services with subscriptions to the FluTracker Data Feed.

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