Meet the Newest Rhizan: Alison Alvarez

Rhiza Labs is proud to announce the newest member of its team, Alison Alvarez!

Alison has a talent for developing computer systems that understand people. Her background as a computational linguist helps her understand how all kinds of people interact with software and helps her visualize ways to connect regular users with the information they need.

Prior to joining Rhiza, Alison worked as the Lead Product Design Engineer for Medrespond and developed a virtual coaching system called Project Go! that educated and motivated kids and parents to make healthy nutrition and exercise choices. As part of her graduate research work Alison also developed tools for building and analyzing universal human language corpora for use in field linguistics.

When not at Rhiza, Alison spends time with her husband and three Rhode Island Red hens, Mary, Eleanor and Catherine. She also spends most of her free time sewing and gardening like she means it.