5 new online mapping features from Rhiza Labs

We recently released a major upgrade to Rhiza Insight, which includes five new awesome online mapping features.  We’re pleased about being able to offer our customers a bunch of new tools for mobile data collection, Google Earth tour creation and advanced map visualizations, all without asking for a single upgrade license or increase in fees.  If you are a current Rhiza Insight subscriber, you already have access to the new features.   Here’s the rundown on what you’ll find:

rhiza mapping software

Rhiza Insight in use in the Brazilian rain forest

Create Google Earth Tours Without Any Coding!
Need a cool Google Earth tour? Rhiza Insight’s new features help you quickly create powerful Google Earth tours of your geospatial data.  The better you tell your story, the faster you will change minds and achieve your goals.

You can now easily add locations to Google Earth, flying transitions from one location to another, add photos and text descriptions, and add narration and background music to set the tone and mood for your tours. Learn more about Google Earth tours.

Simplified Mobile Data Collection & Sharing: Group Mapping
New mobile data collection and crowd-sourcing tools enable you to add or edit records directly and publish crowd-sourced contributions of data, maps, and Google Earth tours in just a few steps. Check out our new rugged Android phones that help you mark your spots, share the data centrally, and get started with group mapping!

Stylized Labeling: Rich Info-Bubbles
You can now add richly styled info-bubbles to your maps as well as Google Earth Tours, deepening the ability to create drill-down information on specific locations. Add charts, photos, text descriptions and more.  Learn about this new community mapping software feature.

New Zoom-Level Features
Rhiza Insight now makes it easy to customize the display of data on your interactive maps based on your zoom level.  This means you can display aggregate data when zoomed out and more detailed data when zoomed in to a very local geography.

Expanded Importer

We’ve also expanded and simplified our import capabilities to now support KML and GPX (waypoints, routes, and tracks) uploads directly into Rhiza Insight, making it easy to import data directly from your phone, GPS device and Google Earth.

Request a Demonstration
If you are a current customer and would like a live demonstration and training on how to use the new Rhiza Insight features, contact us. If you are a potential customer who is interested in smart maps that help you discover new markets, track assets, make better decisions or tell more compelling stories, request a demonstration of Rhiza and start making your own maps with meaning.