Great Interview with Rhiza Client, John Dawes of the Foundation for PA Watersheds

John Dawes
John Dawes, Executive Director, the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

The Heinz Endowments has posted on their blog a great interview with John Dawes, the Executive Director of the Foundation for PA Watersheds. In the interview, John talks about how working with Rhiza Labs has helped his foundation.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Q: What new initiatives has your organization started?

A: In addition to working to renew Growing Greener, we have embarked upon a program with Rhiza Labs, located in Pittsburgh, to put our entire grant-making history online. This will house project profiles, contact information for our grantees, photos of site specific restoration projects, a project location map and outcomes based upon progress reports turned into our foundation.
The wonderful thing about Rhiza Labs is that it aggregates outcomes to compile the amount of money that we have granted. Then the funding can be broken down by program area, year, county or legislative district. It also aggregates the total project cost, which includes the amount of money that we have leveraged. Currently, Rhiza’s findings show that we have more than $90 million in project cost, while we have awarded about $7.5 million. So it’s a wonderful way to tell a story.

We love working with visionary clients like John who are bringing transparency, accountability and data driven decision making to the foundation world! Read the full interview.