`Rhiza CEO, Josh Knauer, to give “People Powered Data” talk at GeoWeb 2010

The GeoWeb Conference, hosted by the Geospatial Information & Technology Association, just announced that Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza Labs, has accepted an invitation to speak at the conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Josh’s talk will be titled, “People Powered Data”. If you’d like to meet with Josh while he’s in Vancouver, please contact us early to schedule some time.

Here’s a short description of Josh’s talk:
Just in the past months, durable mobile devices, open-source data-collection tools, and innovative distributed databases have arrived. These new tools take the mystique out of collecting, aggregating, visualizing, and broadcasting geodata. Regardless of training, anyone can now create high-quality structured data. Stakeholders can then collaboratively visualize this data in real time using a host of technology platforms. The resulting insights inform decision-makers using information from the most reliable sources: first-hand witnesses. This lets leaders base their decisions on better information. The result is that the community is not simply engaged in the decision-making process, but is in fact driving it — to everyone’s benefit. Drawing on their experience and knowledge of the field, Knauer will illustrate successes and best practices through real stories from the rain forests of Brazil to the streets of Pittsburgh to epidemiology laboratories in D.C. Using these case studies, he will describe the design techniques and workflows that have simplified user interfaces to increase participation and usability. Speaking to the best practices in implementing these systems, he will detail real successes in decentralized data collection. You’ll leave with roadmap for deploying people-powered data to make better decisions in your organization, regardless of what technology you use.