Superbowl Data: Steelers vs. Packers Bars

As a Pittsburgh-based data/mapping company, we would be shirking our civic duty if we did not make a post about the upcoming Superbowl. While it’s obvious to us that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the better team going into the game, the real question is… which team has more fans? While it may not be possible to answer that question precisely, we thought it might be useful (ok, just fun) to look at the number and location of places where fans for both teams gather to watch the game. We found listings online for Steelers and Packers bars, imported the data using our Rhiza Insight tool, and put each of them on the map below:

You can learn some interesting things looking at the data:

  • There are more Steelers bars (1710) than Packers bars (1068)
  • There are more Steelers bars per capita in Wisconsin than there are Packers bars per capita in Pennsylvania
  • It is clear the Steelers should win the Superbowl, which would be their 7th Superbowl championship. (ok, we just threw this one in, because we know it to be true)

As you may have guessed, we built all of this using our Rhiza Insight software, which makes it really easy to collect data from existing sources (or create new feeds of data) and then publish map-based analyses of that data to the web, Google Earth, Powerpoint and lots of other useful places. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to add this type of powerful tool for your work.

And yes, we’ll even be happy to work for non-Steelers fans! Go Steelers!