The Changing Location of NFL Power Schools

I needed a break from refreshing the news constantly about the Japanese earthquake disaster. So here’s a little something that really has no great importance in the larger scheme of things: a picture of where the power schools for NFL players sit.

I ran across a pair of datasets that attempted to rank the top 25 colleges both by their historical success in producing NFL players and their current success in producing NFL players. The former is measured by overall number of players (the dataset also contains number of Hall of Fame players), the latter by number of active players. I plotted the historical values in purple and the current values in yellow on the map below. You can hide each layer by clicking the checkmark in the legend. Notice the pronounced geographic dominance of the midwest historically. Football fans will not be surprised to see that southern schools are growing in dominance.

The map above is fully interactive, you can zoom, pan, etc. If you click on the little legend icon on the left, you can tuck it out of the way and get a larger view of the data. If you click on the checkboxes in the legend, you can hide either layer to get a better sense of the data.

I found the data here. It’s limited to the top 25 schools, so it’s not completely comprehensive.