Updated: US Nuke Plants and All Earthquakes Since 1973

Updated- US Nuke Plants and All Earthquakes Since 1973 1Earlier this week, I published a map that showed where all of the power plants were in the United States and the last seven days of seismic activity globally. I received a lot of great comments from people, both here and on our Facebook Page. The biggest request seemed to be for more earthquake data that covers a larger time period. I finally found a source of this data that shows all major earthquakes since 1973 tracked by the USGS.

I took that data and used our Rhiza Insight software to visualize the data. You’ll see that I segmented the earthquakes by Richter Scale, and made each segment very transparent. The result of doing this causes areas with lots of repeated earthquake events to appear “brighter” than those with isolated events. Here’s the map:

I’m still looking for actual structured data about the location of nuclear power plants around the world, so please let me know if you have found a good source for them. I’d also love to hear your feedback about this map, and encourage you to get into our demo Rhiza Insight website and try playing around with the data and visualizing it yourself.

For the data/visualization geeks out there, the data being visualized in this map contains 28,000+ unique earthquake events and over 100 US nuclear power plants. We’re quite proud of the rendering speed that we’ve been able to achieve with large data like this and would be happy to talk to you about how your company, agency or organization could use Rhiza Insight to visualize and analyze your data!