Onix Networking Announces it will Resell Rhiza Insight Online Mapping Software

We’re very proud to announce a new partnership with Onix Networking, who will now be reselling our Rhiza Insight software, with a focus on government sales. Rhiza’s a software should appear on the GSA Schedule and several other government contracts very soon. The official release is below:


Onix Networking announces it will resell Rhiza Insight Online Mapping Software
Westlake, Ohio – March 21, 2011 – Onix Networking, a leading information technology provider, today announced it has become an authorized reseller of the Rhiza InsightTM suite of products. Rhiza builds web-based software that helps customers collect data, bring meaning to data through visualization and analysis, and then publish the results of their visualizations.

Rhiza Insight is a web-based GIS platform for creating engaging interactive portals around geographic data. Users can aggregate existing data or collect new data via the web or mobile devices and then easily create map based visual analyses in a collaborative web-based environment. Customers may host Rhiza Insight on their network or choose the cloud-based (SaaS) solution option.

As a premier Google Enterprise Partner, Onix Networking provides sourcing, project management, development, support, training and account management for the complete array of Google products. Rhiza Insight integrates with Google Earth and Maps and provides users with a web-based tool for collecting data, analyzing it and publishing to Google Maps, Google Earth, websites and social networks.

“The addition of Rhiza Insight to our current suite of GIS solutions significantly strengthens our ability to help organizations deploy geospatial solutions simply and economically and we are pleased to be partnering with Rhiza Labs,” said Tim Needles, President and Chief Executive Officer of Onix Networking.

Josh Knauer, Chief Executive Officer of Rhiza said, “Rhiza is delighted to partner with the leading supplier of Google Enterprise solutions to the Federal Government. We are pleased to have Onix and its partner Google introducing Rhiza Insight to government agencies and commercial enterprises as an enhancement to Google Maps and Google Earth.”

About Onix Networking Corp

Onix Networking is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to a broad range of government and corporate customers. Onix partners with IT industry leaders and offers extensive expertise in the following core competencies: Cloud Computing, Enterprise Search, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Network Security, Secure Wireless Solutions, Enterprise Networking, and Professional Services. Onix combines our product offerings with expertise in the design and implementation of end-to-end comprehensive IT solutions. Onix Networking Corp. is headquartered in Westlake, OH. For more information, visit www.onixnet.com or call 800-664-9638.

About Rhiza

Rhiza creates software that helps businesses, non-profits, and government agencies to share and map information, understand community needs, track assets and collaborate around shared collections of data. Rhiza builds award-winning open systems that make it easy to share, map, analyze and understand data. www.rhiza.imagebox.com

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