Zombie Apocalypse Survival, A State-by-State Look

Zombie Apocalypse Survival, A State-by-State Look 1As we are all constantly reminded this Halloween season, the Zombie Apocalypse is nigh. If you are planning on surviving the upcoming hordes it might pay off to do some advance planning. As with many impending disasters whether you live to repopulate the planet can come down to something as simple as being in the right place. It won’t matter how well you are prepared if you are surrounded by thousands of shuffling goons whose only goal is to eat your flesh.

So where should you go to maximize your chances? Ideally, you’ll be somewhere where the zombie disease will spread slowly so it won’t take you by surprise. This sickness spreads like a virus. One infected being can infect many others, who in turn, will infect even more until the population has reached a saturation point. If there are fewer people to infect the contagion will spread more slowly. Therefore, it would be prudent to live in a place with less population density. (Data from World Atlas)

Another factor to consider is the survival rates of your neighbors. If they can avoid zombie attacks they will not be available to infect you. Ideally, you’ll want to be surrounded by a fit population, a population of people capable of outrunning an attack. Therefore, you should be interested in places where people are more likely to engage in physical activity. (Data from American Health Rankings)

Finally, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with people who will not only survive the zombies, but fight back. The only way to get rid of zombies is to destroy their brains. Therefore, it is advisable to seek camaraderie with people who possess such an ability. Gun owners of any age will be uniquely equipped to reduce zombie numbers with minimal harm to themselves. They are less likely to need to approach a zombie (vs. hitting one with a blunt object like a bat) and thus can be effective while staying out of harm’s way. So, even if you are not a gun owner yourself, it is optimal to live somewhere where there are people who will use their personal firearms to remove sources of contagion. (Data from the Washington Post)

Here is a composite map taking all of the above factors into account. The more Zombie resistant areas are gray in color and the zombie friendly ones are in green.

Other geographic components to consider:
– Zombies have difficulty crossing rivers and mountains. You can seek areas strategically where there are barriers to keep the teeming masses from following you.
– If the outbreak gets serious enough to the point where utilities are cut off you might want to consider areas with ready supplies of water and a climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. Stay out of the southwestern states!
– The island of Hawaii has a welcoming climate and is isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Now might be the time to invest in that Pineapple Plantation. If an outbreak occurs elsewhere and it shuts down its shipping and airports there is hope for its inhabitants.
– Alaska is young, has lots of open space, and plenty of firearms. However, life could get difficult if you’re without utilities in the dead of winter.

Finally, if you’re looking for an affordable place to ride out the coming disaster, it’s possible to mix the above information with median home prices for a metropolitan area. Little Rock is looking mighty good!

Where would you live if you wanted to survive the Zombie Apocalypse?