Rhiza’s Impact at the Social Venture Network

At Rhiza, we believe deeply in operating our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our CEO, Josh Knauer, has been a member of the Social Venture Network (SVN) since 1999 and serves on the organization’s Board of Directors. SVN is a network of innovative business leaders who passionately believe that responsible businesses can help create a more just and sustainable future.

Rhiza’s presence and engagement at the fall SVN 2011 Conference was deep: Mike Higgins, Maryl Widdows and Josh Knauer were all in attendance, Rhiza was the lanyard sponsor, Josh was the Conference Chair, and led two sessions at the conference. One of those sessions, Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Change the World was widely covered around the web, including a blog post on the SVN Blog and another posted to fellow SVN software company, Singlebrook Technologies’ blog. There was also quite a bit of Twitter coverage.

While the Rhiza Team is widely known for its leadership in data collection, visual analysis and publishing, you’ll be hearing a lot more about our efforts to bring definition to our responsible business practices.

We welcome your feedback and highly encourage you to take a look at the Social Venture Network and join us at their next conference.

One thought on “Rhiza’s Impact at the Social Venture Network

  1. SVN conferences are truly in a league of its own. This years’ was aptly named “Movers, Shakers and Changemakers.” Although not a first-timer, I went to Josh’s welcome and networking session where he gave relevant tips not just on how to get the most out of the conference but how to best take it all in. For indeed, SVN conferences are not just for learning or networking. If conferences were like books, to paraphrase Sir Francis Bacon, SVN’s would be one to be chewed and digested.
    Many thanks to Rhiza for being a sponsor and to Josh for leading the conference committee and serving up this years’ which will go down on the books as indeed, another one to be savored!

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