Introducing Rhiza Upshot

For years, Rhiza has produced one of the best online mapping applications on the market. Rhiza Insight is used by our customers to bring location intelligence to their operations and sales departments.

Our customers challenged us to meet more of their needs and we listened. We’ve produced a new version that is still incredibly easy to use and now offers a greater range of tools:

  • online presentations
  • powerful charting features
  • mobile data collection
  • collaboration and sharing tools
  • and of course, amazing online mapping capabilities

To celebrate, we are relaunching our flagship product with a new name: Rhiza Upshot

Why Upshot, you ask? After talking to our customers about what they love most about our product, we learned that Rhiza Insight helps them get to the upshot of complex scenarios quickly. We invite you to join Rhiza’s growing list of customers like Comcast and the U.S. Department of Energy who turn to Rhiza when they need online tools for data analysis and vibrant presentations.

Visit our new website where you can watch our latest video, download a brochure or request a live demonstration. Let us know what you think!