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Natural Gas Documentary Features InfoGraphics Created Using Rhiza Upshot

A new documentary film produced by Kirsi Jansa incorporates maps and charts Kirsi made using Rhiza Upshot. Gas Rush Stories is a series of documentaries that explore the issue of Marcellus shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania, and people’s attitudes about it. In Part 6: A Private Pilot, Kirsi flies with amateur pilot Steve White to look at the impacts of drilling from above, and has an engaging conversation with Steve about the changes he’s witnessed in the landscape from a pilot’s view.

Producer Kirsi Jansa and Editor Tanya Stadelmann used data from FracTracker.org to generate several infographics that are featured prominently in the documentary. In conversations with Kirsi, I learned that incorporating such infographics used to be a real chore because most mapping/charting tools require expert knowledge and skills. The ease of use of the Rhiza Upshot tool helped Kirsi produce compelling infographics to include in her documentary.

At Rhiza, we’re thrilled to see our tools being used to help other tell compelling data stories. If you’d like to use Rhiza Upshot as part of your documentary or story, Rhiza offers a broad range of tools that can help.

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