Rhiza Data Visualization Contest Deadline is April 1st

Rhiza is running a Data Visualization contest right now, one with fabulous cash prizes.  Our goal is to meet new people, get new people to meet us, and get exposed to new ideas about data.  We already have entries and we’re excited to see what people put together.


However, we’re still promoting the contest, so we’re going to move the deadline back to April 1st so that everyone has two more weekends to perfect their entries.  In a happy coincidence, April 1st is also our Rhiza-versary, the day that we officially became a company! We’re going to be five years old!  So, either way it is going to be a fun day.

For those of you interested in entering the contest, here are a few free data sources to help you get started:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics – The BLS has tons of data on prices, inflation and employment.  We’ve used monthly county-level employment in several of our visualization tools.
  • The Twitter Rest API – Twitter is constantly churning out data.  You can look at just one feed or everything at once.  We’ve used the twitter api to map people’s locations, track what people are talking about, and look at what languages are being tweeted.  I use twitter personally for data collection.
  • National Agricultural Statistics Service – This database has tons of data about farming, animals, and crops projected down to the zip code and county level.  Ever wanted to know where all the ostrich cultivation is happening in the US?  This database will tell you.
A fine bovine and data source
A fine bovine and data source


Good luck!  We look forward to seeing what you can do!