Rhiza Recruitment Week Kickoff

Today kicks off Rhiza’s Recruitment Week. As you may have read, Rhiza is in fact a fast-growing software company and we’re looking to continue that growth by hiring some great new people to our team. Rather than releasing balloons and a box of doves, we are going to be releasing valuable information. We don’t want to hire people who just happen to guess what we’re looking for, so we’re putting out a few hints about the kinds of things we’re looking for out in the open for tuned-in applicants to find. If you are interested in working for Rhiza we are going to be publishing right on this blog valuable tips on how to get your resume noticed and how to ace that initial phone screen.

So, to get things started, here is the most important thing you can do to get our attention: apply directly through our career site. Every application and resume submitted through our website are read by at least one human at Rhiza, almost always a member of our development team.

Emailed resumes fall through the cracks and can get sent to the wrong person. Paper resumes only get callbacks for the very top 1%, but the applications that go through our website are closer to 10% for callbacks.

Bonus tip: We’ll ask you to submit a short statement about what makes you unique along with your resume. This is one of my favorite parts of our application and I tend to read these statements very carefully. I love hearing about all of the unique abilities and interests our applicants have.

How can you help? Take a look at the jobs we’re hiring for now on our career site and please feel free to share them with your friends, family and co-workers!