5 More Reasons Why It’s Better Working for Smaller Companies

The first week of October is Rhiza’s Recruitment Week. As you may have read, Rhiza is a fast-growing software company and we’re looking to continue that growth by hiring some great new people to our team. Rather than releasing balloons and a box of doves, we are going to be releasing valuable information.

Today is the last day of our Recruitment Week. In the spirit of my post 18 months ago, here are another 5 reasons why working for a small company like Rhiza is better.

1. You can shape your job

The thing I love most about working for a small company is that there is so much to do that I get a lot of leeway to shape what gets done according to my proficiencies and interests. I love working with our geographic datasets and building the cleanest

2. You will be challenged in the best ways

Making new things that no one has ever made before is hard. It will melt your brain at times. But it’s a lot more satisfying than a job that rarely changes.

3. You will not be allowed to stop learning

And speaking of barely changing, at least 50% of the people I interview currently have jobs, but are looking to leave because they work at a place that got comfortable years ago with certain technologies and are ossifying in place. All of the programmers who work in places like that have skills that are stagnating. Those who are not comfortable with that are desperate to get out. It costs programmers real money when they find themselves back on the job market with skills that are 10 years out of date.

I’ve been at Rhiza for almost four years now and I’ve acquired more new knowledge and skills than I could have imagined when I started. I will continue learning for my entire Rhiza career. It’s even written down on paper in my quarterly job goals. But it’s something we all have to do to continue building and adapting tools that handle data in new and better ways than ever before.

4. We punch above our weight class

We are a small team that makes big things. To paraphrase Guy Kawasaki, we “eat like a bird and poop like an elephant”. It is very satisfying to take the skills of just a few people and weave them together to make gold.

5. You will get to see the frontier of big data technology

Everyone today is talking about BIG DATA. Everyone wants BIG DATA. It turns out that big data is easy to collect, but very difficult to use, and it’s almost impossible for a non-expert to use. We build things to solve this problem, a problem which is going to be a problem that will exist for years to come. This means that we will exist for years to come.