The Future of Data Marketing

A few weeks ago, Rhiza CEO Josh Knauer spoke alongside other data industry heavyweights on the Data Congress panel at AdWeek XI hosted by Rachel DiCola from Gamut and sponsored by Verizon’s Precision Market Insights.

After the congress, we spoke with panelists Rick Erwin – President of Experian Market Services’ Consumer Insights & Targeting, and Aastha Parikh – Director of ComScore Telecom & Technology, about the future of data-driven sales and marketing.

“The people in all of our companies are going to become closer than they are today to being data scientists.” -Rick Erwin, President Consumer Insights & Targeting at Experian Market Services

With the exponentially growing amount of data on consumers, many companies feel overwhelmed by the titanic task of collecting and decoding these bits. But just as the amount of data is growing, the sources of data and expectations for impact is also in flux. So what does the future of data driven sales and marketing look like? How can organizations make sure that they’re ready for massive data? How does consumer privacy change factor into the equation? How do we distill millions of data points into the most salient, convincing story? Join in the discussion.