Talk Data to Me

Strategy Session
Josh Knauer from Rhiza and Matt Murphy and Rachel DiCola from Gamut strategize before their talk. Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh PTC.

At Rhiza, we understand Mo’ Data means Mo’ Problems. That’s why we strive everyday to make Notorious B.I.G. Data Smalls. That’s why we were so excited to co-sponsor the “I Love When You call me Big Data” Conference with the Pittsburgh Technology Council last Thursday, November 6th, 2014.

During the conference, we heard talks on a wide array of big data trends, problems, solutions, and best practices. From IBM’s supercomputer Watson helping cure cancer (bringing us one step closer to the eventual singularity) to how Major League Baseball can optimize its schedules, Big Data is alive and well in Pittsburgh.

Longtime Rhiza customer Rachel DiCola from Gamut presented as a featured speaker. She spoke about how the Rhiza platform changed the way Gamut sells with Big Data, surpassing her sales goals for 2014 within 6 months! You can read a bit more about Rachel’s presentation in CMSWire’s coverage of the day: Love Fest for Data… in Pittsburgh.

We even got to hear from our very own Rhiza CTO, Mike Higgins, who described the need to embed storytelling into Big Data narratives. For without a cohesive story, all you got is Mo’ Problems with Mo’ Data.

All in all, a great day for data lovers.