Introducing the Rhiza Ratio!

At Rhiza, we know that the best way to use data in a compelling way is to tell a story. But before all of that, you need to form a hypothesis, pull the numbers, run analysis, and then confirm or reject your hypothesis based on the conclusions reached.

While we have posts on our blog that do all those steps to tell a compelling story, and our customers use the Rhiza Platform tool to do that everyday, the Rhiza Ratio is an opportunity for you to explore data around interesting data points and current events so you can then draw your own conclusions. We’ve used our tool to quickly wrangle the data, but we leave it up to you form your own to ask follow up questions and draw your own conclusions.

With our inaugural Rhiza Ratio, we looked into the car brands that have consistently advertised during the Super Bowl over the past five years (Audi, Honda, Kia, and Volkswagen), and their market share four months after the game.

Again, rather than creating a hypothesis and drawing conclusions for you, we’ve provided the data so you can create your own story. Because the less time you spend pulling all your data together, the more time you can spend analyzing, exploring, and crafting your story.

Check out this month’s Rhiza Ratio.

Rhiza Ratio

Is there data you’d like to see to help build your story or ideas for a future Rhiza Ratio? Leave us a comment down below.