Argyle Countdown

We’re very excited to have Rhiza CEO, Josh Knauer, speaking at Argyle’s Chief Marketing Officer Spotlight Forum at 8:20am tomorrow, April 8th, 2015 in New York City.

As we continue our countdown to the Forum next week in New York, we thought we’d put together another post detailing the consumer trends in the financial industry. We hope to see you there!

Is Amex an Urban Credit Card?

Since we’re looking forward to meeting industry leaders at both American Express and MasterCard at next week’s event, we were curious to find what areas in our hometown of Pittsburgh have the highest percentage of MasterCard credit card and an American Express card holders. We pulled Simmons Local data and generated a map of Pittsburgh by designated marketing areas (DMAs).


First, we checked out American Express, and according to the results, the Amex cardholders are more confined to the Greater Pittsburgh Area and don’t separate out into surrounding towns and counties. We can also note that there are more Amex cardholders north of the city than the south, while Swissvale had the highest population. The southern most DMAs have the fewest Amex cardholders.


Next, we checked out MasterCard holders, and discovered they are much more widespread throughout the city than Amex users. Concentrated populations of MasterCard holders popup in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and exist in nearly every direction.

So do people in the city prefer Amex while suburban populations are more included to use MasterCard? Why are areas north of the city more likely to have Amex and Mastercard consumers than areas south of the city? To find out, we also decided to take a look at how many people in the Pittsburgh area use a credit card period.


Interestingly enough, people living downtown and areas northwest of the city are more likely to have credit cards than areas south and northeast. The fact that many individuals in the south don’t have credit cards in general could explain why Amex cardholders are pretty scarce.