Happy Earth Day!

A very important part of our company culture here at Rhiza is ensuring that we as a team take an active role in caring for our planet and environment. We demonstrate this by practicing eco-friendly habits in our workplace and encouraging friends and family members outside the office to do the same. Whether we’re recycling materials in the office or using our technology for the greater good of the planet, our organization was founded on the core belief that business should be conducted in a way that is positive for people, the planet, and profits.

This earth day, we wanted to promote our ideas and beliefs by using our tool to promote the areas of the country that also take an active role in environmental protection. Using the Rhiza platform combined with Experian Simmons Local survey data collected in the spring of 2014, we generated location-based data visualizations that show the different areas of the country that share our eco-friendly attitude.


:Environmental Transportation-01

Environmentally Friendly-01-01-01