Rhiza Team Lends a Hand at Rainbow Kitchen

Rhiza is about more than just helping companies use data to make better decisions. We’re also about serving our community and helping people in need. That’s why once a quarter, the Rhiza team comes together and dedicates a Saturday morning to making a difference and volunteering at a local community services organization.

On Saturday, April 11th, the Rhiza team rounded up family members and spent the day packing bags, unloading groceries, and organizing canned goods at the Rainbow Kitchen, a local food bank and community services center in Homestead.

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The Rainbow Kitchen, established in 1984, works to improve the quality of life for low-income families by providing support, programs and resources that address hunger and nutrition. The organization has a very small team and relies on volunteers to support operations.

The Rhiza team packed over 120 food bags each containing spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, and canned vegetables. The bags were sent to two Pittsburgh-based senior centers to help elderly individuals who are unable to get out to get food on their own. Other volunteers unloaded groceries, while some stocked cans onto pallets for pantry day.

Later this summer, our team will also be holding a toiletry drive to aid individuals who are unable to purchase toothpaste and soap with food stamps. Leave us a comment if you’d like more information on how to contribute toiletries or if you have other ideas on how our team can help the community.

Our company culture is one that cares for our community, environment, and planet. Our team is comprised of not just python coders and SaaS sales stars, but also generous and considerate individuals, and we try to make an effort to extend our culture outside of our office. If you’re interested in joining the Rhiza team and looking for an opportunity to make a huge impact both in the workplace and in the community, check out our current open positions: (rhiza.imagebox.com/careers)