Another Happy Customer: BBC Talks Up Rhiza in Wall St. Journal Feature Story

A Wall Street Journal article featuring the BBC’s use of facial recognition software also discusses the key role Rhiza’s software plays in visualizing and analyzing the data captured in the process.

The article describes how the BBC collects user expression data to gauge the likelihood of a program’s success as well as areas of improvement. The BBC is working with UK-based CrowdEmotion to capture emotional responses from volunteer viewers as they watch previews of specific shows.

One of the challenges that faced the BBC was determining which shows, out of hundreds, can actually be improved. The BBC used Rhiza to process the data collected from the facial recognition software to effectively answer that specific question. The following is an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal Article:

“Much of the facial recognition data is fed into a platform from Rhiza Inc. that Mr. Boyle and his team use to manipulate, visualize and analyze the data against other metrics. A key challenge so far has been figuring out which metrics actually drive business outcomes, and in which contexts. With hundreds of programs distributed globally, “it’s tough to know which shows we can make a difference on,” Mr. Boyle said. For CIOs, it’s a reminder that you can have all the data in the world, but it’s how you use it that matters.”

The entire story can be read on the Wall Street Journal’s website (subscription needed).