Radically Innovating! Rhiza accepted into the BBC Worldwide Labs program.

BBC Worldwide LabsSelected from over 100 companies, Rhiza has been accepted into the BBC Worldwide Labs program – one of the first 3 American companies ever admitted to BBC Labs. The startup accelerator program allows the BBC to stay on the forefront of innovation in technologies that matter greatly to their business by forging close relationships with innovative and disruptive technologies. For those accepted into the program, BBC Labs is designed to help startup companies reach their next level of growth and showcase the impact of their product.

For Rhiza this is a tremendous validation of our value proposition and an opportunity to expand. The BBC uses Rhiza to gain insight into their audience, a departure from Rhiza’s traditional use case of arming sales teams with powerful presentation tools. The BBC has an immense amount of data, including novel facial recognition data that measures people’s reaction to a program. This data is then easily imported into the Rhiza tool allowing the BBC to make sense out of profound custom survey data. This data can then be explored, manipulated and presented by members of the BBC Customer Insights team –
no data science degree required. As David Boyle of BBC Worldwide puts it, Rhiza democratizes data and making it accessible and usable throughout his organization.

Every year the BBC Labs program selects 6 companies to work within the BBC eco-system. These companies benefit from BBC infrastructure, conference rooms in the BBC London, New York and Los Angeles offices, and they are connected with mentors and potential business partners. The goal of the program is to strategically partner with and support the most innovative up-and-coming digital media companies that are helping to define the emerging digital landscape. Lucy Fredericks, Programme Manager, BBC Worldwide Labs said: “As with each BBC Worldwide Labs program, we hope this year’s intake will empower us to push the boundaries of innovation, to disrupt the markets in which we operate and challenge us to adopt new ways of working.

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