Full Stomach, Full Soul for Arby’s Consumers

With Arby’s recent video dedication and the unveiling of a new sandwich in the Daily Show’s honor, we at Rhiza were touched by Arby’s ability to forgive and forget the years of abuse their brand received at the hands of Jon Stewart.

For better or worse, the fast food chain has been the subject of many jokes and verbal beatings by the Daily Show host. One specific incident occurred when Stewart acknowledged a comment made by Rep. Paul Ryan stating that government assistance provides citizens with a “full stomach and an empty soul.” Stewart’s response: “I think that’s the slogan for Arby’s.”

So do Arby’s customers have full stomachs and empty souls? We realized the answer may live in the SimmonsLocal dataset from Experian. By creating a data series of consumers that frequently eat Arby’s and cross referencing it with some self-reflecting statements that those consumers believe to be true, we were able to uncover some insights into exactly just what Arby’s customers believe about themselves.

First, we decided to run some visualizations to figure out how Arby’s customers feel about their “full stomachs.” More specifically, examining their general beliefs about food:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.59.32 AM

If the top choice is any indication of how customers feel, then Arby’s may want to consider expanding or improving its breakfast offerings. However, the really interesting points are the two highlighted statements: 34.1% of the Arby’s consumers surveyed believe “Most Snack Foods Are Not Healthy,” meaning that there is some level of health consciousness that exists among customers. Meanwhile, 31.5% of respondents eat foods regardless of calories, which means they most certainly have full stomachs.

Next, we decided to figure out if Arby’s customers have souls by running the same visualization, but generating some general belief statements:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.03.03 AM

So it turns out that not only do Arby’s customers HAVE souls, many of them actually possess very spiritual ones. Approximately, 46% of Arby’s fans surveyed claim that their faith is very important while 37% consider themselves to be spiritual and believe it’s important to attend religious services. 

Based on this analysis, we can conclude that while Jon Stewart’s endless attacks on Arby’s were undoubtedly entertaining, we know that Arby’s customers most certainly have full stomachs, and full souls to go with them.

And here it is, your moment of zen:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 4.04.35 PM