Rhiza Ramps Up Election Advertising Season with New Data Partner

166 million. 166 million voter registration records. From party affiliation to voting frequency to election habits, we here at Rhiza have gained a new level of insight into America’s consumers. Starting this month Rhiza is proud to offer L2’s national voter registration dataset.

Completely anonymized yet showing voter behavior in federal, state and local elections for the past 65 years, the dataset provides granular insights while still protecting voter privacy.  

With information on reading interests and gun control alike, the L2 dataset goes beyond traditional audience profile information. The set augments traditional voter registration information with data on lifestyle preferences and personal positions of public policy issues.

Local, regional, and national ad sales teams can use the L2 dataset alongside internal data to better understand audience behavior and create nuanced audience segments.  As the political season gains momentum, advertisers can strategically match ad inventory to their client’s target audiences.

With it’s geographic information, advertisers are able to compare DMAs and legislative districts, showing clients optimal ad zones to reach target audiences.  Accurate and reliable, the L2 dataset is regularly updated to reflect the changing location and pool of voters.

The precision in audience targeting afforded by combining L2 data with Rhiza increases the efficiency and effectiveness of every ad investment. Advertisers, close more business and campaigns, turn out more voters. Reach the right audiences with the content they are most passionate about in the right location on the right device every time.


Michigan Political DMATo learn more about what the L2 dataset has to offer attend our webinar, Selling with Political Data, on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.