Pittsburgh’s TechHub Continues to Draw International Attention

Image source: http://www.networkworld.com/article/2687961/careers/pittsburgh-is-a-vibrant-ecosystem-for-high-tech-companies.html
Image source: NetWork World

With over 1,600 technology firms and a surge in venture capital people near and far are taking note of Pittsburgh’s growing tech game. This week Jonathan Keane, a journalist for international outlet IDG Connect, spoke with Rhiza CEO Josh Knauer on the future of Pittsburgh’s vibrant tech sector and the importance of letting our Yinzer flag fly:

“There are assets here that make Pittsburgh an amazing place to start and grow. We need to stick to those strengths and not necessarily worry about if we are being as innovative as Silicon Valley or as fast and accelerated as Silicon Valley,” explains Knauer.

Alongside of Thrill Mill CEO Bobby Zappala and Chief Innovation and Performance Officer Debra Lam, Knauer lauded Pittsburgh’s supportive, local community. Between creative partnerships with local universities, engaged city officials and collaborative business networks, it’s no wonder why we’re attracting some of the smartest minds and the biggest tech brands out there.  Shoefitr, Duolingo and Uber have seized what Pittsburgh has to offer. How about you?

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