3 Reasons Millennials Are Drawn to You

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Ask any marketer today who he’d like to better target and you’ll likely hear one word: millennials. With $600 billion in annual buying power it’s an audience worth pursuing. But brands are continually missing out on millennial wallet share because millennial behavior is so wildly different from their predecessors. You can increase the value of your ad inventory by demonstrating how well you connect with millennial audiences. Explain how your media and associated ad inventory aligns with millennials by focusing on the following three topics:


Brand personality: Millennials see themselves as trustworthy (61%), good-hearted (59%), loving (50%), well informed (46%), tolerant (36%), funny (38%) and imaginative (36%), according to Experian. Do your audiences, across either your entire network or particular programs, fit that mold? If so, use that information in your next pitch.


Social responsibility: 75% of millennials expect brands to be philanthropic, and over 50% of millennials are more inclined to buy brands that support causes they care about those that don’t. According to L2’s Nationwide Voter File, in the 2012 presidential election millennials donated money to support local community organizations (83%), healthcare issues (50%) and wildlife preservation (24%). CMOs are taking steps to emphasize their role in corporate social responsibility – here’s your chance to bolster their efforts, and yours. If your network does well with millennials and is seen as philanthropic, work that information into your next client meeting.


Product quality: If it’s not possible to align your company’s social responsibility or personality to your ad inventory, try product quality. Almost half of millennials surveyed by Elite Daily said that product quality was the “most important attribute in a purchasing decision–more than twice that of price.” In addition to ratings, walk into your next sales meeting with a portfolio of awards, reviews and survey results that speak to the quality of the media you are selling.


Start 2016 with a bang. Try these three strategies to show your customers that you can do far better than A18-34. Bring new value to your ad inventory and give your client a new reason to give you business.