Your Sales Advantage – The Human Touch



There will always be some waste in advertising: When you buy a billboard it’s unlikely every driver reading it will be your target audience. But when the Association of National Advertisers reports an estimated $7.2 billion dollars was lost globally to fraudulent ad impressions, it becomes clear that even an off-target human audience is better than a completely non-existent one.

The relationships between an advertiser and a brand, and between a brand and their customers, are the foundation of advertising. Regardless of technology advances and new algorithms, there will always be a need for human interaction during the sales process. Leverage your position as a trusted advisor by bringing the following three insights into your next sales meeting:


Traditional ads: More and more marketers are turning toward tried and true traditional advertising methods to build a human connection. Recently, a reported 34% of marketers said they expected to increase spending in newspaper, radio and other traditional channels in 2016.  Customers are also pursuing an offline connection when buying: 63% of consumers expect to do the majority of their retail purchasing in brick and mortar stores. Remind your client that traditional and local advertising spots aren’t going out of style – they’re actually gaining ground.


Audience value: As much at 90% of companies spend at least a quarter of their digital advertising budget on targeted audiences. Help your customers reach these audiences at the right place and time. Find new ways to describe your audiences beyond classic demographics: Do they spend more on vacations than cars? Are they more likely to refer friends via social media or word of mouth? Are they attracted to you over a competitor for specific reasons?


Performance metrics: Programmatic delivers impressions, but what marketers are looking for is conversions. As you’re selling your ad inventory showcase the various methods that help your clients connect with your audiences. Support digital ad buys with reports on click-throughs, duration time or results from pop-up surveys. Report on the success of traditional ad buys with market analysis and competitive insights. Do all you can to help your customers understand the ROI on every dollar they spend with you.


Remind your customers that you have information they need and an attitude they can work with by using these three tips. We’d love to hear other ways you leverage the human touch when you sell.

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