Rhiza on NPR – Analytics and Big Data for All

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Mark Nootbaar, NPR’s Pittsburgh tech reporter beautifully explained in simple terms what Rhiza does. To us this proves, we have made it – we have managed to make big data simple and intuitive. No need to become a layman statistician or learn how to query a database: with Rhiza all you need to do is type in what you are looking for using natural language.

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About Rhiza:

Rhiza specializes in bringing all your data into one place. With Rhiza first party marketing and sales data is enriched with relevant consumer insights. Fueled by partnerships with data providers like Nielsen, IHS Polk, L2 and comScore, Rhiza delivers their data alongside first party data in easy to use analytics tools. Big media companies like Comcast and Cox have increased revenue using Rhiza in data driven sales and BBC uses Rhiza to gain deep knowledge about the consumers of their brands.