Inclusion Drives Innovation: 4 Pittsburgh Leaders on Inclusion in Tech & Business


Too often companies investing heavily in diversity by hiring diversity advocates, come up with mission statements that promise a commitment to diversity, and organize specific events. This is a great first step, but it’s not the last step. How do your plans actually translate into everyday action? How will it change every day routine? Real change often rises from the bottom but in business - the rule is still top down.

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9 Tips for Selling Ads to Local Businesses

dd-sales-handshake featureimage

This week’s Street Fight Summit in New York City brought over 300 tech vendors, small businesses and representatives of large sales teams together to discuss the biggest trends in hyper local organizations. After hearing from Venture Capital partners, Buzzfeed editors and snazzy start-up founders, I’ve distilled the most valuable lessons of the day into: 9 Tips for Selling Ads to…

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Notes from the Field: Rhiza and the Edinburgh TV Festival

Laura and Susanne man the Rhiza Booth at the Edinburgh TV Festival

If you follow Rhiza on Twitter you may have asked yourself last week: Did they expand into the TV business? Why are there so many photos from the Edinburgh TV Fest red carpet? No, unfortunately there won’t be a soapy reality TV show  starring  Rhiza any time soon, but we have learned that networks and content producers are ready to…

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Rhiza CEO to be Keynote Speaker at Carnegie Mellon Event

Josh Knauer, Rhiza’s CEO, will be the keynote speaker at a Carnegie Mellon University event that is intended to help inspire students and alumni to build their careers by featuring alumni “who have successfully and interestingly navigated their way forward.” The event is titled Under Construction: Building Your Future and happens this Saturday, February 23rd. Read more about the event.

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Rhiza CEO Speaks on World Financial Symposium Panel

Rhiza CEO, Josh Knauer, is speaking today on a panel hosted by the World Financial Symposium titled, “Where is Everywhere: M&A in Geospatial & Location-based Technology”. Josh will be speaking about emerging trends in the marketing and advertising markets’ use of location-based data to increase ad sales, better target messaging and understand/grow audiences. Here’s the announcement from WFS: World Financial…

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