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Ad Week’s Over!

With last week’s Ad Week XI under our belt, Rhiza has officially completed it’s very first Ad Week… and we’re ready for next year!

We were very excited our courageous commander, Rhiza CEO Josh Knauer, spoke at the Ad Week Data Congress – a meeting of the minds on data analytics and how it can drive performance and the bottom line. Knauer discussed how data-driven storytelling can help sales and marketing teams  use internal and 3rd party data effectively to target and engage customers to increase ROI. Check out his talk below!

So, with a solitary tear, we mark the end of Ad Week XI – the end of the New York Bagels, the end of the last night restaurant, the end of an era. See ya next year!

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The Rhizans Take Manhattan: Ad Week Edition

As Friday end of business draws nigh beckoning the weekend ever closer, the Rhizans are hard at work getting ready to ship off to NYC for Ad Week XI.

We are very excited our fearless leader, Rhiza CEO Josh Knuaer, will be participating in the AW Data Congress – an event that unites an all-star lineup of industry heavyweights to detail how data and analytics drive performance and the bottom line. Knauer will discuss how to effectively use internal and 3rd-party data to better target and engage customers to increase marketing ROI – through the art of data-driven story telling.

So, with our Rhiza t-shirts printed and pressed and with 90,000+ people to talk to over the course of more than 250 events, the team is ready to tackle #AWXI head on! Remember folks, we’ll be there all week!

Join us on Tuesday Sept. 30, 2pm at Times Center Hall and follow us @rhiza and on our blog for updates throughout the week.

Nominated for Tech 50… again!

Tech50_2014 logoFor the 3rd consecutive year Rhiza has been named a finalist for the Tech 50, the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s annual list of the regions most successful and innovative companies.  Nominated in the Innovator of the Year category, we’re in good company alongside leading energy and robotics companies.  A full list of the nominated Tech 50, along with details about the award ceremony scheduled for October 21, 2014 at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, can be found on the Pittsburgh Tech Council website.

Pittsburgh-Based Startup Rhiza Closes $3 Million Funding Round to Accelerate Growth

User-friendly and intuitive marketing analytics platform funded by first outside investors

rhiza-new-logo-154x105PITTSBURGH – June 17, 2014 – Rhiza, the leading provider of marketing analytics tools that make Big Data actionable for marketers and salespeople, announced today that it has closed a $3 million Series-A funding round led by Pittsburgh-based Draper Triangle Ventures with participation from Arthur Ventures, and Camp One Ventures. The capital will fuel Rhiza’s ongoing growth by building out its sales, marketing, and customer service teams to meet the demand in the market for its product.

Rhiza’s product suite increases revenue for both media companies and advertisers by delivering detailed recommendations based on integrated consumer insights. Its platform is used by a rapidly growing list of notable customers, including Comcast, Univision, Cox Media, Cox Reps and Experian.

“Our priority is to help our customers move beyond dashboards and utilize our powerful analytics platform to make smarter decisions that propel their businesses forward,” said Rhiza CEO Josh Knauer. “Thanks to the infusion of capital from Draper Ventures, Arthur Ventures and Camp One Ventures, we will not only be able to better serve our current clients, but also reach new audiences and refine our innovative tools for visualizing, analyzing and sharing data.”

New product developments have expanded Rhiza’s suite of analytics to include tools that rapidly develop marketing plans, support multi channel media buys and create visually compelling, data-driven marketing and sales collateral. Rhiza’s latest product release revolutionizes the way users interact with their data, making it simpler to find answers to their toughest questions about how to reach and influence consumers.

“Rhiza is disrupting the marketing analytics industry with intuitive tools for marketers and salespeople across the entire enterprise at a fraction of the cost,” said Mike Stubler, Managing Director at Draper Triangle Ventures. “Without taking any outside capital, the company has operated very efficiently since it was founded, and has achieved amazing success serving some of the largest media brands. Rhiza’s technology, culture, business acumen, and vision for growth made it a perfect fit for us.”

“After years of working with some of the largest media companies and brands in the world, we’ve learned to optimize our platform to quickly provide great tools our customers need,” said Knauer. “This infusion of capital will help Rhiza strategically expand our sales and marketing efforts to broaden our customer base while expanding our ability to provide excellent service to our clients.”

– ### –

About Rhiza
Rhiza is an emerging leader in the field of marketing analytics, offering online tools that make Big Data actionable for marketers and salespeople. Rhiza’s tools increase revenue for both media companies and advertisers by delivering detailed recommendations based on integrated consumer insights. Media publishers use Rhiza to arm their salespeople with better tools for selling premium advertising. Marketers use Rhiza to optimize hyper-targeted media buys, track campaign effectiveness and quickly create new marketing plans. Rhiza’s SaaS-based software is used by a rapidly growing list of notable customers, including Comcast, Univision, Cox Media, Cox Reps and Experian.

About Draper Triangle Ventures
Draper Triangle Ventures is a premier source of funding for early stage high-technology companies in the Midwest. As the Midwest-based partner of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Draper Triangle offers entrepreneurs a host of benefits unrivaled in the industry. For more information, visit drapertriangle.com.

About Arthur Ventures
Arthur Ventures is a venture capital firm with offices in Fargo and Minneapolis. The firm was founded in 2008 by James and Doug Burgum (Chairman – Atlassian, Chairman – SuccessFactors, CEO – Great Plains Software). Arthur Ventures specifically invests in software companies and is currently investing out of a $45M fund raised in 2013.

About CampOne Ventures
Camp One Ventures (C1V) partners with leading emerging growth businesses in the mobility, software-as-a-service and financial technology segments. C1V provide companies with the venture capital and support they need to build world class businesses. Portfolio companies of C1V include Aarki, Credit Sesame, One Inc. and Ripple Labs.

Rhiza CEO Part of White House Launch of Climate Change Data Clearinghouse

White House           Photo Credit     flickr user HarshLight

White House Photo Credit flickr user HarshLight

Rhiza’s CEO, Josh Knauer, is participating during events today at the White House around the launch of the new climate data clearinghouse climate.data.gov. As part of Knauer’s service on the President’s Council of Science and Technology, Knauer co-authored a report that was presented to John Holdren and President Obama where the concept of a data clearinghouse for climate change data collected from federal, state and local governments, as well as academic research data.

Today’s launch of the new climate data clearinghouse reflects the type of open data sharing initiatives that Knauer has been advocating for many years. A core value of Rhiza is to encourage going beyond just serving our customers to make data actionable, but to also actively share our experiences in creating innovative data sharing tools to help our community, both locally and globally.

Feel free to read some of the articles about this new White House initiative from these media outlets:

Comcast Announces Long Term Subscription to Rhiza for Media

Comcast Spotlight and Rhiza Working to Help Advertisers Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Comcast Spotlight to use Rhiza for Media; Software Combines Multiple Data Sources to Create Customizable, Multi-screen Advertising Recommendations

December 16, 2013 01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
NEW YORK & PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, and Rhiza, a leading provider of media and customer analytics software, today announced an agreement bringing new and beneficial media insights to Comcast Spotlight’s local, regional and national clients.

Comcast Spotlight is now utilizing the Rhiza for Media platform, a web-based research and sales software solution. Rhiza for Media provides customizable reports combining aggregate audience data with generalized media consumption information and market trends to produce detailed, graphics-rich presentations to help advertisers develop more efficient media plans.

“Companies ranging from ‘mom-and-pop’ operations to national brands are increasingly relying on detailed data to make strategic advertising decisions, and we’re helping them do it,” said Matt DeAngelis, Senior Director of Research for Comcast Spotlight. “Rhiza for Media helps us take a wide range of data and present it in an easy-to-understand way, demonstrating the geographic and demographic segmentation capabilities that only local spot cable advertising offers.”

Added Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza, “Comcast Spotlight’s clients will benefit from Rhiza for Media’s unique capability to blend information about people, businesses and market conditions from hundreds of sources. It’s not just about more data, but about presenting that data in an easy to understand way that ensures you engage your target audience.”

The Rhiza for Media platform used by Comcast Spotlight combines numerous qualitative and quantitative datasets, which can be customized based on each advertiser’s type of business and further enhanced with user-created datasets. Using that data, Comcast Spotlight is able to show clients how local cable advertising can pinpoint the neighborhoods where their customers (and prospective customers) live, overlaying that with aggregated information about what those audiences are watching. Data can be analyzed and summarized at multiple geographic levels, from a market-wide perspective down to a zone level analysis. (See the above example of a Rhiza for Media map, showing how data is presented.)

About Comcast Spotlight

Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, helps put the power of cable to use for local, regional and national advertisers. It is focused on providing multi-platform marketing solutions to reach audiences most effectively and efficiently. Headquartered in New York with offices throughout the country, Comcast Spotlight has a presence in nearly 80 markets with approximately 35 million owned and represented subscribers. Comcast Spotlight is a trademark of Comcast. For more information, visit www.comcastspotlight.com.

About Rhiza

Rhiza provides powerful yet easy-to-use analytics research tools that seamlessly mix enterprise data with public and syndicated data to give decision-makers a 360 view of a situation. Whether it’s making sense of complex customer purchasing patterns across distinct geographies or delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time, Rhiza’s analytics tools produce deep insights about customers, media consumption and the competitive landscape, all in a web interface accessible to everyone in the enterprise. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a West Coast office in Seattle, Rhiza employs a world class team of data scientists, engineers and data visualization experts to put the power of big data insights into the hands of salespeople, researchers and managers.

Comcast Spotlight
Chris Ellis, 215-286-7771
Josh Knauer, 412-488-0600

Click here for the full, original press release on PR Newswire and on the Comcast blog.

Rhiza CEO Tapped for Pittsburgh Mayor-Elect’s Transition Team

Josh Knauer, Rhiza’s CEO, was recently asked to join Pittsburgh Mayor-Elect Peduto’s transition team. Josh is serving on the Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Subcommittee and plans on advising the Mayor-Elect on ways in which Pittsburgh can become even more of a magnet for emerging technology entrepreneurs, among other topics.

Josh has also served on a working group of President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, as well as many non-profit and for-profit boards of directors, both locally and nationally.

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5 More Reasons Why It’s Better Working for Smaller Companies

The first week of October is Rhiza’s Recruitment Week. As you may have read, Rhiza is a fast-growing software company and we’re looking to continue that growth by hiring some great new people to our team. Rather than releasing balloons and a box of doves, we are going to be releasing valuable information.

Today is the last day of our Recruitment Week. In the spirit of my post 18 months ago, here are another 5 reasons why working for a small company like Rhiza is better.

1. You can shape your job

The thing I love most about working for a small company is that there is so much to do that I get a lot of leeway to shape what gets done according to my proficiencies and interests. I love working with our geographic datasets and building the cleanest

2. You will be challenged in the best ways

Making new things that no one has ever made before is hard. It will melt your brain at times. But it’s a lot more satisfying than a job that rarely changes.

3. You will not be allowed to stop learning

And speaking of barely changing, at least 50% of the people I interview currently have jobs, but are looking to leave because they work at a place that got comfortable years ago with certain technologies and are ossifying in place. All of the programmers who work in places like that have skills that are stagnating. Those who are not comfortable with that are desperate to get out. It costs programmers real money when they find themselves back on the job market with skills that are 10 years out of date.

I’ve been at Rhiza for almost four years now and I’ve acquired more new knowledge and skills than I could have imagined when I started. I will continue learning for my entire Rhiza career. It’s even written down on paper in my quarterly job goals. But it’s something we all have to do to continue building and adapting tools that handle data in new and better ways than ever before.

4. We punch above our weight class

We are a small team that makes big things. To paraphrase Guy Kawasaki, we “eat like a bird and poop like an elephant”. It is very satisfying to take the skills of just a few people and weave them together to make gold.

5. You will get to see the frontier of big data technology

Everyone today is talking about BIG DATA. Everyone wants BIG DATA. It turns out that big data is easy to collect, but very difficult to use, and it’s almost impossible for a non-expert to use. We build things to solve this problem, a problem which is going to be a problem that will exist for years to come. This means that we will exist for years to come.

Insider Tips to Help You Succeed During a Phone Screen at Rhiza

The first week of October is Rhiza’s Recruitment Week. As you may have read, Rhiza is a fast-growing software company and we’re looking to continue that growth by hiring some great new people to our team. Rather than releasing balloons and a box of doves, we are going to be releasing valuable information.

Chances are, if you are selected for a phone interview for one of our open positions the person you will be talking to is me. I’ve interviewed many, many people since I took over this task from our CTO, Mike. I’m going to lay out a few of the things that make me more likely to move an applicant to the next phase of interviewing. I hope much of this can be generalized to other companies and is useful to most job hopefuls reading this.

First, the fundamental purpose of a phone screen is for me to gauge a baseline of technical expertise you have and evaluate whether you would be a good fit for the company. “Good fit” is kind of a vague term, but usually what I’m looking for is someone who listens, is good at explaining things, and asks good questions. All of the technical knowledge in the world is useless to us unless the person possessing that knowledge can communicate well.

Here are things that are in the gold star column for applicants:

• I love it when people do their research and have at least a vague idea of what Rhiza does. I will always take the time to talk about what exactly we do, but it goes best when people have some understanding and a basis from which to ask questions.
• The ability to explain something complicated in less than three minutes.
• The applicant is talking to me on a clear phone connection and in a quiet space where I can hear them clearly. I have a hard time following people if I can’t hear them well. Hint: I have never had a good interview with someone who talked to me while they were driving.
• Have proof that you know what you’re doing. I love being able to play with demos and look at portfolios and they give me a much more complete view of an applicant. If you’re a new graduate and don’t have much experience a few good demos will get you very far.

Here are some more general tips:

• If it’s on your resume I will assume that you will be able to answer questions about it. I’ll ask you to describe how you executed projects and you should be able to tell me what you did and how you did it. If you list a piece of software or a computer language you should know more than a little about it. Also, if you list a language I will ask you about that, possibly in that language. If you can’t answer basic questions in Spanish do not put it on your resume.
• I’m a software professional just like you, so don’t get bogged down in the details such as what an integer is vs. a floating point type. I’d rather hear about how you used them to build something.

I hope this will help you in your quest to join the Rhiza team. Here’s a listing of our open positions and where you can apply online: http://www.rhiza.com/careers If you apply and make the cut, then I’ll be talking to you soon on the phone!


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