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Rhiza CEO to be Keynote Speaker at Carnegie Mellon Event

Josh Knauer, Rhiza’s CEO, will be the keynote speaker at a Carnegie Mellon University event that is intended to help inspire students and alumni to build their careers by featuring alumni “who have successfully and interestingly navigated their way forward.” The event is titled Under Construction: Building Your Future and happens this Saturday, February 23rd. Read more about the event.

Rhiza CEO, Josh Knauer, to Keynote Canadian GIS Conference

Rhiza’s CEO, Josh Knauer, will be giving the keynote address at the GeoTec 2011 Conference in Vancouver, Canada on September 29, 2011. Josh will speak about emerging technologies and how they are changing the way organizations are using maps and data for decision making.

If you’d like to meet with Josh while he’s in Vancouver, please let us know.

Rhiza/Google Booth Presentation at AFCEA Homeland Security Conference @signalmag #afcea

AFCEA logoRhiza CEO, Josh Knauer, will be giving two presentations at the AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) Homeland Security Conference at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, DC. Both presentations will take place in Booth #611 (Google/Onix Networking Booth) in the Atrium Exhibit Area.

10:30am – Booth #611 – Go Get Your Data: Learn how to effectively use mobile data to create “eyes on the ground” for prioritizing emergency response whether in a forest fire, a toxic spill or a hurricane using Google Earth and a new mobile data app from Rhiza that works across many types of smart phone operating systems.

2:00pm – Booth #611 – Asset Tracking for Homeland Security: Mapping physical and soft assets is challenging under the best of conditions, but a crucial challenge to Homeland Security agencies. Come learn about how new, emerging technologies are being used to make it easier to track assets at a local, state and federal level. Solutions from Google Earth and Rhiza will be highlighted, as well as best practices in the industry.

Call or text Dana Kuan from Onix Networking Corp for more information at 202-596-6490.

Rhiza Labs’ iPad-Friendly Web Apps to be Featured at Tim O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo

For the second time in a year, senior management from Rhiza Labs will be speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo. Michael Higgins, Rhiza’s CTO, will be on a panel titled, Insight on the iPad. Mike will be on a panel including other leaders from Google, Loopt and Jackson Fish Market (creators of A Story Before Bed, one of my kids favorite iPad apps).

The Web 2.0 Expo is hosted by Tim O’Reilly and O’Reilly & Associates, and is described as “a conference and tradeshow for everyone who cares about embracing and extending the opportunities created by Web 2.0 technologies. Web 2.0 Expo engages thousands of participants.” Thousands of attendees are expected.

Rhiza Labs’ recent announcement about our web apps just working on the iPad caught the attention of the conference organizers and they invited Mike to speak.

Rhiza Insight continues to be one of the only business intelligence mapping engines that works on the iPad (and almost every other common platform) because it is a well-designed web app that does not rely on Flash or other add-ons. Almost all competitors to Rhiza Labs are stuck trying to re-engineer most of their front end because of poor design choices that are not scaling with the emerging web ecosystem.

Rhiza Labs CEO to Speak at NTEN Conference in Atlanta

Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza Labs, will be speaking later this week at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference 2010 in Atlanta. Josh’s session is called People Powered Data. Here’s an overview of the session:

People Powered Data – [213]

It’s clear that good decisions are predicated on good data. But gathering this data and translating it into action remain key challenges for mission-driven organizations. Join Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza Labs for a discussion of the methods and technologies nonprofits use to gather community-sourced, actionable information. Have staff in the field? Use mobile devices to turn existing employees into roving data collectors. Handheld devices are revolutionizing everything from surveying vacant properties to managing voluminous human services paperwork. Using mobile data collection tools, nonprofit professionals can collect information about the communities they serve while performing their programmatic duties. New technology allows existing databases to seamlessly import this data to create a constantly-evolving glimpse into current community conditions.


  • Learn how non-profits can leverage mobile data collection and controlled crowdsourcing to generate community-contributed data
  • Learn how to use new visualization tools to turn data into actionable information
  • Understand how to motivate volunteers to participate in data creation

You can learn more about the conference and Josh’s session on the NTC 2010 website. If you’re going to be at the conference and would like to meet up with Josh, feel free to set up an appointment by contacting Rhiza Labs.

“Innovate to Survive”: MAYA’s Mick McManus on Wall Street Journal Online

Many organizations are making technology decisions as reactions to 2009’s economic malaise. Instead, tech firms, energy companies, and even hospitals should proactively design two years ahead with the economy’s future turnaround in mind, says Mick McManus, CEO of Rhiza’s parent company MAYA Design. Learn more in this online feature for the Wall Street Journal (also featured in MITSloan): (more…)

Transparency Camp ’09: Community-Level Transparency Efforts, & Designing for Transparency

On February 28, 2009, Rhiza Labs CTO Michael Higgins and CEO Josh Knauer presented at Transparency Camp ’09 on creating public information systems that support truly public decision-making. Josh focused on community-level transparency efforts; Mike focused on incorporating transparency into the design process. View Mike’s presentation, and notes from Josh’s, below: (more…)

Rhiza Presentation at AIRS Annual Conference, May 18-21, Houston, TX

This workshop given at the AIRS 2008 National Conference outlines best practices in creating community-wide data sharing partnerships for information and referral (“I&R”). Practical advice from successful initiatives in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are presented, helping participants understand how to overcome the technical and political barriers to creating effective collaborations that improve the quality of every agency’s I&R services, reduce inefficiencies in the process and provide a greater level of self-sufficiency for individuals seeking help. Successful approaches to raising funds within your organization, from government agencies and the philanthropic community are discussed, leaving participants with a roadmap for developing, implementing and funding a community-wide I&R data sharing initiative. (more…)


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